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Emancipation Day +1 »

I was surprised at the lack of Emancipation Proclamation news yesterday, but I guess the newspaper writers were all hungover. Here’s a handy recap on the act and its slow-burn consequences from the WaPo. On New Year’s morning of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln hosted a three-hour reception in the White House. That afternoon, Lincoln slipped […]

Bind Up the Nation’s Wounds »

Happy 2019! On this anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Washington Post offers some musings on Lincoln’s Second Inaugural and how his words can be applied to our lives and actions for the new year. Source: The perfect New Year’s resolution for 2019 was written 154 years ago – The Washington Post

The end of the party of Lincoln »

The Washington Post offers an opinion piece on how Trump’s attack on the 14th Amendment severs the modern GOP’s connection to “The Party of Lincoln”. Republicans intended for the birthright citizenship provision to ensure that African Americans’ citizenship rights could not be abridged by racist Southerners. It was meant to protect the rights of former […]

Strange Blighted Land »

Gregory Coco, author of A Strange and Blighted Land, speaks on this C-Span archive video about the aftermath of the battle of Gettysburg. The book is not an easy read – it’s along the lines of Mary Roach’s Stiff – deeply disturbing if you’re a sensitive person, but fascinating if you’re at all intrigued by […]

Fredericksburg Memories »

It’s the anniversary of Fredericksburg, that horrific and senseless battle in which Burnside sacrificed 10% of his army for nothing. I’ve read a little about the battle, but with the exception of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s recollections in the Ken Burns series, had never read a firsthand account of the fighting. Here’s one from a member […]

Petersburg Battlefield Grows »

More good news! I had to check that I hadn’t already posted this, but we’re getting a year’s worth of preservation in one week! Petersburg battlefield’s protected territory is expanding significantly. Here’s hoping I get to visit the newly massive-r park in 2017! No property immediately will be added to the park, but the provision […]

Marszalek in NYC »

Are any of my readers from the Big Apple? If so, I wish to live vicariously through you this week, when John Marszalek is visiting and presenting at two separate events. Marszalek is the author of the wonderful Sherman biography, as well as books on Halleck, Grant and Lincoln. I’ve heard him speak at iTunes […]

Highest Regimental Casualties »

My mind went to wandering today, wondering which regiment suffered the most during the war. This website handily presented a list of the top 15. Looking at #2, that kerfuffle over artwork in Minnesota takes on a sad new relevance. Regiment Battle Casualties Percent 1.) 1st Texas, CSA Antietam 226 82.3% 2.) 1st Minnesota, US […]

Issuu – The Civil War Monitor »

Well, well, what have we here? I have stumbled upon a very generous online magazine experience! Back issues of the Civil War Monitor are available for free via the online reader. Great resource for anyone to get some reading in! Experience millions of the world’s best magazines and catalogs, all for free, in issuu’s beautifully […]

Sherman’s Voice »

I noticed a little something that now has me obsessed. A passing mention in the New York Times from 1888 that mentions a party at which William Tecumseh Sherman related some of his war memories to Thomas Edison, specifically, into Edison’s recording gramophone. No mention anywhere on the web of this recording being recovered or […]