Frederick Douglass on Chinese Immigration »

Another great article from the reliably great Immigrant’s Civil War blog. Here’s Frederick Douglass speaking on the post-bellum efforts to curb Chinese immigration. Douglass declared that the people of the United States were not racially, ethnically, or religiously homogeneous. Americans, he argued, are a “composite nation,” a people made up from many peoples. In recognition […]

Stevens’ Wit »

I’m rehashing the Thaddeus Stevens links I shilled earlier on the blog, but fans of Lincoln’s wit will enjoy this particular article.  Lincoln wasn’t the only one in his day with a sharp tongue. When he served as a lawyer in Gettysburg, Stevens greeted an adverse judicial decision by shuffling papers and grumbling loudly. The […]

Debunking Lincoln Quotes »

Looking through my daily alerts, I was set to post an article that contained a Lincoln quote that seemed very apropos in this election year of have and have-nots. As I’d never heard it quoted before, though, I thought I’d look into it to see how I could’ve missed such a great line. I’m glad […]

General Sherman is a Hog! »

In yesterday’s post on Bunny Breckinridge, I mentioned his great-grandpa’s fury at Sherman’s whiskey-based neglect. It’s a great story, and I’ve copy-pasted a version here. It’s taken from the memoirs of John S. Wise, son of the Virginia governor Henry A. Wise. Through him Wise Jr. had apparently told him by Joe Johnston – the […]

Grant, Man of Peace »

This Christmas, I treated myself to a few wonderful items from the PBS online store‘s bumper sale. (Caveat emptor: They will spam you endlessly if you buy anything. Spam is the pledge break of the digital age.) Ken Burns box set, his excellent Lewis & Clark series, American Experience’s Abraham & Mary Lincoln series (also […]

More Mac Bashing »

I sometimes feel sorry for McClellan, given how his reputation has suffered in the past 150 years. Then I remember that he earned this reputation, and I don’t feel sorry at all. I found a Lincoln quote last night that was brand new to me, and I’m enjoying it immensely: Gen. McClellan and I are […]