Perret on Grant »

Thanks to Google’s Books service, I went from a quick consultation of this book to reading a good portion of it online. The first few chapters are available in their entirety – as the book progresses more and more are left out, but it’s enough to gauge the readability, and this one’s very readable. Like […]

Grant, Man of Peace »

This Christmas, I treated myself to a few wonderful items from the PBS online store‘s bumper sale. (Caveat emptor: They will spam you endlessly if you buy anything. Spam is the pledge break of the digital age.) Ken Burns box set, his excellent Lewis & Clark series, American Experience’s Abraham & Mary Lincoln series (also […]

More Casting News! »

Again from The AV Club’s Newswire, more casting news on the instantly-awesome-and-highly-anticipated Steven Spielberg Lincoln movie: Jared Harris will be playing U.S. Grant. I was a huge fan of Harris’ late father, Richard, and Jared did a fantastic job on Mad Men. I am curious to hear his American accent, though, because the closest he […]

The Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant »

I first read Grant’s Memoirs as a teenager, and remember them as being both engaging and accessible. As one who was (and is, to this day) easily put off by the flowery, verbose prose common to novels from the Victorian era, it was refreshing to read Grant’s simple and conversational writing. You feel you’re getting […]