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Podcast : The Civil War Podcast


We’re working on researching, writing and recording the Civil War Podcast. If you’d like to be notified when new episodes are posted, join our email list by subscribing below. (We don’t send spam!)

The Civil War Podcast – January (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

January 1 – Then, Thenceforth, and Forever Free – The Emancipation Proclamation is signed. (1863)

January 8 – The Hero of Little Round Top – Gouverneur Warren is born. (1830)

January 15 – Photo by Brady – Mathew Brady dies. (1896)

January 29 – Paying for the War – The Confederate Congress issues cotton bonds. (1863)


The Civil War Podcast – February (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

February 5 – The Fiery Gospel – The Battle Hymn of the Republic is published. (1862)

February 12 – Rise With the Occasion – Abraham Lincoln is born (1809)

February 19 – Maryland’s Most Distinguished Lady – Anna Ella Carroll dies (1894)

February 26 – The Boy Shall Be Pardoned – Lincoln issues Executive Order #76 (1864)


The Civil War Podcast – March (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

March 5 – The Midnight Bullet – The Dahlgren Papers are published (1864)

March 19 – To Riot or to Rot – Stalybridge riots against the Cotton Famine (1863)

March 26 – “Make Me a Map of the Valley” – Stonewall Jackson requests a map from Jedediah Hotchkiss (1863)


The Civil War Podcast – April (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

April 2 – The Fightingest General – A.P. Hill is killed in front of Richmond (1865)

April 24 – Jus in Bello – The Lieber Code is issued (1863)


The Civil War Podcast – June (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

June 18 – Soothing the Gallant Soldiers – The US Sanitary Commission is founded (1861)


The Civil War Podcast – July (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

July 23 – The First-Rate Clerk – Henry Halleck is named General-in-Chief (1862)


The Civil War Podcast – November (click to listen to any of these podcasts)

November 12 – The Belle of the North and the Boy Governor – Kate Chase marries William Sprague (1863)