I’m an amateur Civil War historian who is eager to share my Internet discoveries and accumulated knowledge with like-minded history buffs. Living in Canada means the opportunities to converse and discuss are rather thin on the ground, so I welcome visitors to this site to leave comments, questions and messages.

The eventual goal is to offer a regular (daily? Weekly?) podcast for download, but until I can force myself in front of a mic, this blog will be a vehicle for reviews, links, and resources as I find them. Particular emphasis will be placed upon books, and specifically online (i.e. free) versions of the first-person narratives. I’ve spent a lot of time hunting down as many of these as I can, and am always thrilled to uncover more. The list of “got ’ems” can be seen here, and if you happen to stumble across any not on that list, be sure to pass along the links in the comments!

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