Faith, Begorrah, &c.

From the Irish Brigade on Irish Confederates assault at Fredericksburg, to Father Corby, Thomas Meagher and the rest of the New York micks, to Pat Cleburne, there’s a lot of Irish participation I could reference on this St. Paddy’s Day. Instead, I’ll link to a fantastically focused website whose author blogs about all things Ireland in the Civil War.

This blog has been set-up to fulfill a number of aims. I hope to tell the stories of Irish men and women caught up in the Civil War in an engaging and informative manner, along the way providing information on different people, units and places. It is also intended that resources for those interested in the Irish experience will be built up over time, to act as an aid for those who wish to find out more (check out the ‘Resources’ tab at the top right of the site to see what is currently available). Finally I hope the site makes some small contribution to raising awareness in Ireland of the Irish experience of the American Civil War, particularly in light of the 150th anniversary.

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