The Hockey Connection

Being a longtime hockey fan and Civil War buff, I was aware (and tickled) that the Calgary Flames were so-called because Atlanta had once been burned by Sherman. I’ve fallen out of the hockey habit in the past few years, though, so I hadn’t realised that the Columbus Blue Jackets were named in honour of Ohio’s Civil War service. I’m tickled again! Even more so to hear the team fires a replica Napoleon at home games for effect.

The team logo is a stylized version of the flag of Ohio, which is a pennant. Previously used as an alternate logo, it became the primary logo as part of a Reebok-sponsored redesign for the 2007–08 season.[58] The team’s jerseys feature an alternate logo, a Civil War cap with crossed hockey sticks, on the shoulders.

A specialised branch of service, to be sure. I have images of the Canadian Corps all attired with crossed sticks on their képis.

The Blue Jackets unveiled a new third jersey in the 2010-2011 season, using a vintage hockey sweater design. In the spirit of its Civil War theme, it sports a union blue base with white stripes on the sleeves and on the shoulder padding. The crest features the team’s Civil War-era cannon. It honors the team’s founder, John H. McConnell, with his initials on the neckline, as well as its slogan “We fight, we march!” on the inside of the collar.

Sadly, with Calgary’s claiming the Flames and the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, we’ve lost the promise of ever seeing BLUE JACKETS BURN ATLANTA as a headline. I suppose that wad was shot in 1864.

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