Geopolitics (Microcosm Edition)

I was just looking up some info on Samuel Tilden, the winner of 1876’s election. ¬†(Just as Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet, he also didn’t invent losing an election despite winning a popular vote.) ¬†Wikipedia lists this neat little tidbit:

There is a Tilden Street in an area of Wichita Falls, Texas, where the streets are named for the U.S. presidents Van Buren through Garfield (excluding Pierce, Andrew Johnson and Lincoln). Tilden runs parallel between Grant Street and Hayes Street, as if he had won the presidency in 1876.

His article also mentions Bourbon Democrats, which along with the Redeemers, Scalawags, Carpetbaggers and Mugwumps made the Gilded Age the most linguistically colorful political era in American history.

via Samuel J. Tilden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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