Seinfeld and Louis C.K. discuss The Address

For the sesquicentennial, Ken Burns is urging Americans to learn, recite and share the Gettysburg Address.  I particularly liked this little video of Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld – two men who speak for a living – discussing the speech.

Given Lincoln’s love of contemporary humorists (and dirty jokes), he would probably have appreciated them as much as they appreciate him.

As this behind-the-scenes footage demonstrates, C.K. was going for something more subtle—with help from his director, Jerry Seinfeld, who, at the top of the video, explains to C.K. that the Gettysburg Address “refocused the American ideal from the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence … That’s why the speech changed America.”

via Seinfeld and Louis C.K. discuss Gettysburg Address: watch. (VIDEO).

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