Airbnb wants to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom

I’ve been travelling for a few months, and have become well acquainted with Airbnb, a service that lets you rent everything from a couch to a full house from individuals on the Internet. I had some pretty wonderful experiences, including a board game night with new friends in Canterbury and a huge apartment in the heart of Paris, where I shared a bed with two adorable cats.

Having finished my adventures in Europe (and drained my bank account in Canada), I’m looking at taking my next vacations a little closer to home, hopefully along the corridors frequented by Lee and Grant, Sherman and Johnston, and the armies. I somehow doubt that Michelle Obama will give permission for the Lincoln bedroom to be added to Airbnb’s inventory, but it’s a cute thought. I might settle for this Gettysburg farmhouse instead – something tells me it’ll be far more budget friendly.

During a TV interview Monday, Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky said he recently asked President Obama to list the hallowed Lincoln Bedroom on his controversial Web site.“You know, I actually was invited to the White House because I…worked with him on entrepreneurship in Cuba, and when I was there, I had made sure to mention one thing to him. And that was, we need to get the Lincoln Bedroom on Airbnb,”
Source: Airbnb wants to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom | New York Post

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