Here’s one for nerds like myself who love the logic of libraries as well as the holdings!

I specialized (NB: One up from “majored”) in history at university, but due to some scheduling conflicts with sabbatical-ing profs, I missed out on the chance to take a pure Civil War course. That didn’t stop me from raiding the well-stocked library shelves for pleasure reads. I still head automatically to the 973 section whenever I check out a new library, but I’d never understood all the numbers¬†involved after the famous decimal. ¬†This page does a really nifty job of explaining, by way of a clickable path.

One of the other courses I missed out on was a Historiography course; the study of the historians who shape the study of the war. This e-book
from Amazon looks like it could be an interesting read.

Source: MDS: 973.78 | LibraryThing

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