Book Review: The Civil War in Cuba

I admit, I probably won’t get around to [this book](, despite the setting sounding fascinating. I have so little time even to consume non-fiction books about the war that I have long since abandoned fiction. But for those of you interested, the review declares it, “rip-roaring”!

Far less known is the significant role Cuba played in America’s Civil War. Although ostensibly neutral in the conflict, Cuba, which lies less than 100 miles off the Florida coast, was a nest of spies for both sides, a nerve center for Confederate supply operations and the virtual headquarters of Confederate efforts to circumvent the Union blockade of Southern ports.

In the vast body of non-fiction and fiction writing about the Civil War, the story of Confederate blockade-running and Union efforts to stop it is relatively underdeveloped. Robin Lloyd, who divides his time between Camden and Chevy Chase, Maryland, richly and convincingly develops this space in “Harbor of Spies: A Novel of Historic Havana.”

Source: Who knew that key moments of the Civil War happened in Cuba? – Portland Press Herald

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