“Damn, I Love Abraham Lincoln’s Carpet Slippers”

GQ is typically a showcase for the sharpest, newest looks in men’s fashion, but they made an exception to showcase Abraham Lincoln’s old carpet slippers. I wasn’t much of a fan of the movie Lincoln, but I do like that they slipped in (ahem) an homage to Abe’s favourite footwear.

Abraham Lincoln needlepoint shoes

…When Daniel Day-Lewis played Lincoln in a little film called Lincoln, the film’s costume designers created an exact replica of the slippers, which Day-Lewis can be seen wearing as he puts his son Tad to sleep and wanders through the White House halls trying to figure out how to save the United States. Day-Lewis is renowned for his interest not only in his own wardrobe, but that of the characters he plays. One wonders if Day-Lewis, who is renowned for his interest not only in his own wardrobe but that of his own wardrobe but that of his characters, had a hand in “reproducing these slippers 100 percent.”

Source: Damn, I Love Abraham Lincoln’s Carpet Slippers – GQ

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