Robert Smalls: From slave To U.S. Congressman

This Black History Month article makes the point that Robert Smalls’ story would make an excellent film. I agree! If you don’t know the full story, click the link below, and buckle in: The story of how he stole The Planter from under Confederate noses would be as taut a thriller as any other Hollywood flick out there!

From slave to four term U.S. congressman; that’s just a small part of the remarkable life Robert Smalls. The Beaufort native’s courage is still being celebrated more than century after his death. He overcame what many would consider insurmountable odds to make a lasting impression on American history.

The courageous adventure of Robert Smalls during the Civil War reads like a Hollywood movie. In 1862, Smalls developed a plan to capture a Civil War Ship, ‘The Planter’, and turn it over to union forces.

Source: Robert Smalls: From slave To U.S. Congressman

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