Civil War Museum Opening

The Civil War Museum at Richmond’s old Tredegar complex is reopening with a splash, and some seriously high-brow fare! I don’t know when I’ll next go “On to Richmond!” but I can’t wait to visit once I’m there. The museum didn’t exist when last I was in the capital.

The glass-walled lobby incorporates the enclosed ruins of the old Tredegar Ironworks, which date to the 1800s. The ironworks produced iron for the railroad industry, as well as cannonballs and munitions for the Civil War.

The museum near the James River in downtown Richmond has been under construction since 2017, combining the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar and the Museum of the Confederacy into one new museum that aims to tell the stories of the Union and the Confederacy, as well as African-Americans, Native Americans, women, children and immigrant communities.

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