Preserving Sherman’s March

A USC archaeologist is setting out to find and preserve camps, battlefields, and other areas of interest along the path of Sherman’s March.

For this particular project, Smith will be identifying and providing status reports of the battle sites and camps associated with Sherman’s march through South Carolina. The general, Smith said, captured Atlanta in 1865 and marched across Georgia and South Carolina before reaching Gen. Robert E. Lee in North Carolina.

Smith expects to document about 60 sites throughout the project but said that no excavation work will be done. Rather, the goal is to compile information to help identify and preserve the historic sites.

I can’t help but worry for Smith, thinking about how many creepy-crawlies await in the South Carolina woods and swamps, and him without the benefit of tens of thousands of other men alongside him to scare them off, but the Civil War nerd in me hopes that his efforts lead to a new hiking trail.  Wouldn’t it be neat to say you’d hiked the trail of Sherman’s March?

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