Confederate Gold

I’m just wrapping up the Shelby Foote audiobooks, and listening to the Confederate cabinet parsing out the remains of the treasury. I appear to be the last person on Earth for whom “Confederate Gold” didn’t ring any bells. Does this mean I’m too late to head South with my metal detector and spade?

Accordingly the group set out on their assigned mission, but unfortunately their scouts met Union troops before they got to Augusta. The group returned to the Chennault Plantation. Parker was unable to receive further instructions from Davis because he had already left Washington. It was on this night that the gold disappeared in a hijacking about 100 yards from the porch of the house. One theory says that the treasure was buried at the confluence of the Apalachee and Oconee rivers. Some say that the gold was divided among the locals…

As time went by, the Chennault plantation became known as the “golden farm,” and for many years after that people came there to search for the missing gold. Down through the years, many gold coins have been found along the dirt roads near the plantation following a heavy rain storm.

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