Hidden History »

A brief, but interesting, history of Fort Monroe. Landing site for the first black slaves in America, and site of the “Doctrine” that started Emancipation down its track. Ellis Island, New York, was the gateway to freedom for millions of European immigrants. They fled poverty and oppression, for a chance to achieve the American Dream. Well, […]

Petersburg Battlefield Grows »

More good news! I had to check that I hadn’t already posted this, but we’re getting a year’s worth of preservation in one week! Petersburg battlefield’s protected territory is expanding significantly. Here’s hoping I get to visit the newly massive-r park in 2017! No property immediately will be added to the park, but the provision […]

The Grant Presidential Library »

I’m not quite sure how the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library ended up in Mississippi, but it’s being managed by John Marszalek, author of some wonderful Civil War biographies. The collection comprises official papers, diaries, photographs, and correspondence. If you’re a Grant scholar or even just a Grant enthusiast, it’s worth a digital visit. Source: […]

Brandy Station preserved »

More great work by the Civil War Trust. If you’re looking for Christmas presents or year-end charity recipients, consider contributing to their campaign to save and restore the battlefields we study. The newly restored Fleetwood Hill, located on the Brandy Station Battlefield in Culpeper, Va., will open to the public at 10 a.m. Monday following […]

Alexandria, Virginia »

This is an interesting chronicle of life in Alexandria, Virginia – just a short walk from downtown Washington, DC.  During the war it was Confederate territory, occupied by the Union.  Citizens and returning soldiers write about their lives on the front line of the Confederate homefront. Voices from the Past, Alexandria, Virginia 1861-1865 | Fort […]

New Civil War Center in Richmond »

I missed Richmond on my whirlwind trip to DC, but it looks like my frown might be turned upside down: A new museum is born!  Huzzah! In a joint announcement, the museums said the new historic attraction in the former capital of the Confederacy has yet to be named, but $20 million has been committed […]

Tennis Swings »

Some literal gallows humor in the title, there:  If you zoom in on the embedded map, you’ll be able to see the tennis courts at Fort Lesley J. McNair, in Washington.  At the time of the Civil War, these courts were the site of the Washington Arsenal, and it was on this exact ground in […]

Battlefield Expansion »

Good, if premature, news about preservation efforts in Virginia: The state’s two senators have proposed legislation that would make expand the Petersburg National Battlefield, making it the largest in the nation. Note, though, that this proposal only allows the NPS to acquire it – there’s no money attached to the motion.  That’s where an organization […]

Visiting Historic Richmond »

My return visit to Washington was sadly lacking in triumph – Protip: Check that your GPS maps are correct before setting out – and I was too strapped for time to get over to Richmond.  If anyone is considering a visit, though, this piece sums up all the great Civil War sites to visit in […]

Vicksburg National Cemetery »

Rewatching the Ken Burns series, I was struck anew by the close-packed headstones at Andersonville.  I’m surprised to learn its 13000 graves does not make it the largest Civil War cemetery – the Mississippi campaign’s widespread bodies were collected after the war and consolidated in the plots at Vicksburg. Vicksburg National Cemetery was established by […]