I’m not sure if this is a misguided attempt to appeal to African-American voters or just the usual GOP cluelessness, but the Connecticut Republican Party has spent far too much time lately on a resolution to rescind an historical resolution.  As if that wasn’t controversial enough, the resolution in question involves John Brown; a polarizing figure at the time, but one who is now seen as being on the wrong side of insane.  As are the idiots who are spending an election year wasting time on this “issue” instead of bringing forth, say, actual legislation that could be helping people living (and – ahem – voting) in the present day.

Party members developed a resolution to rescind the 1860 Republican Party’s “unqualified censure and condemnation” of Brown. But the resolution divided party members.

Members of the state Republican Party Central Committee stumbled upon the 1860 convention’s resolution and hoped today’s GOP leaders would step up and remove the self-described “bruise on the party.”

But the 2012 resolution never made it out of the committee, frustrating some Republicans.

“This is a slap in the face for the town of Torrington,” Republican state committee member Doug Hageman said Thursday. “Their delegates should bring it in and fix this. We’ve got to get rid of this thing.”

The world’s economy is going to bits and this is what these guys consider actionable. Unbelievable. I don’t live in Connecticut, and would never vote Republican, but this makes me want to move just so I can actively vote against them.

via Connecticut GOP debates rescinding 1860 resolution against abolitionist John Brown- The New Haven Register – Serving New Haven, Connecticut.

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