Modern War, Modern Wandering

If you decide to take one of the self-guided tours I linked to yesterday, remember that technology allows us to carry a guide with us.  The group mentioned in the article below has created a free, online guide to the Fredericksburg-area battlefields.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

Via YouTube, iPods, iPads and smartphones, people can view video introductions to the Fredericksburg area’s Trail to Freedom, which traces the path of thousands of African-Americans who sought refuge behind Union lines. Their mass migration was one of the largest in U.S. history, and helped turn the Lincoln administration and the Northern public toward emancipation.

“The Civil War brought so much anguish and destruction and cost so many lives, there isn’t really a lot to celebrate, except this,” Moncure said. “And Stafford has so much to do with the freedom story.”

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