Nat Turner’s Skull »

Nat Turner’s skull has been found, and with it comes a series of articles about the history of human body part smuggling and preservation. It’s all a bit gruesome, but particularly when you consider this fact: Amrita Myers, Associate Professor of History at Indiana University, said the story of Turner’s skull is peculiar because there […]

Slavery by Another Name »

A few updates while I have Internet access! While coming well into the post-war era, this documentary (based on the book by Douglas Blackman) shows how poor people – mainly blacks – in the South were reenslaved by means of sneaky laws and sneakier lawmakers. Heartbreaking, but an important piece of history. Watch The Film […]

The Atlantic slave trade »

A 5 minute TED Talk that looks at the Atlantic slave trade from the African side of things.  Interesting both in why it developed and its lasting consequences. The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard | TED-Ed.

When the South Wasn’t a Fan of States’ Rights »

The more I read about the war’s origins, the more I dislike the slaveocrats. The Lost Cause tradition has swathed the discussion in the States’ Rights argument, but even a scratch on its surface reveals the ugly truth beneath. Eric Foner agrees in this article for Politico. Whenever I lecture to non-academic audiences about the […]

King Cotton »

Here’s a quick look at South Carolina’s addiction to cotton.  Like other kinds of junkies, its love of the white stuff led it to make rash decisions and sacrifice its future.  By the looks of it, the effects of the Civil War are still plaguing the state. “The story of cotton itself is as interesting […]

Slave Tags »

Here’s a fact about slavery that is new to me: The Slave Tag. In Charleston, S.C., slave owners could rent out the services of their slaves to others for a fee. The registration fee for slave tags brought income to the city of Charleston. To oversee the slave trade, slaves in Charleston were required to […]

12 Years A Slave »

I’d forgotten they were making a movie of Solomon Northrup’s incredible story, and I didn’t know at all that they were populating it with big names.  Looks like it might be showing at the Toronto Film Fest.  Will have to see if I can wangle some tickets! 12 Years A Slave TRAILER 1 (2013) – […]

The Scourged Back »

Disunion presents a piece on Civil War photographers, but introduces it with the background of that most famous of slave pictures, “The Scourged Back”.  I’d never heard it before, and assumed that the photo was from earlier than it was actually taken. The image made its way back to New England, where it was converted […]

Forty Acres and a Mule »

Sherman’s famous field order is one of the war’s great what-ifs.  A terrific idea nixed by a man who can only be described as the anti-Lincoln.  Reconstruction in microcosm. Congress created the Freedmen’s Bureau shortly after Sherman’s Field Order No. 15 demanded the redistribution of land to former slaves. The Freedmen’s Bureau was created to […]

The Role of Cotton »

This site was suggested to me by a reader, which is always a thrill – it’s nice to hear from you, and to exchange new knowledge! Reading about cotton was a bit like reading about salt; it’s one of those commodities that’s so omnipresent I never spared it much thought.  But this tshirt sales site […]