A History Buff’s Quest

I link a lot to stories like this, because I’m both touched and proud of the people behind them.  The Internet has made projects like this easy to undertake, but there are few who actually undertake them.  Kudos to Ms. Greenhagen for her civic enthusiasm and contributions.

Today, Greenhagen is compiling photos and information on every Civil War monument in the state for a website.”I guess you could say I was inspired by Gettysburg,” she said.She is asking for help from people throughout the state to check their hometowns — cemeteries, village greens, parks — to see if there is a monument there; if there is, she asks them to obtain information about it and take a photo. She will put the photos and information on the website.

via A monumental task: History buff is on a quest to chronicle all of New Yorks Civil War memorials | syracuse.com.

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