Weekly Recap: Jan 27

Weekly Recap: Jan 27

Here’s a recap of last week’s Civil War Podcast blog topics, and suggested readings for further study.


Post: Southern Unionist Strongholds
The State of Jones
The State of Jones is a true story about the South during the Civil War—the real South. Not the South that has been mythologized in novels and movies, but an authentic, hardscrabble place where poor men were forced to fight a rich man’s war for slavery and cotton. In Jones County, Mississippi, a farmer named Newton Knight led his neighbors, white and black alike, in an insurrection against the Confederacy at the height of the Civil War. Knight’s life story mirrors the little-known story of class struggle in the South—and it shatters the image of the Confederacy as a unified front against the Union.

Post: Generals Who Fought Against Home & Country
For Cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War
It is to this question–why did they fight–that James McPherson, America’s preeminent Civil War historian, now turns his attention. He shows that, contrary to what many scholars believe, the soldiers of the Civil War remained powerfully convinced of the ideals for which they fought throughout the conflict. Motivated by duty and honor, and often by religious faith, these men wrote frequently of their firm belief in the cause for which they fought: the principles of liberty, freedom, justice, and patriotism.

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