Re-enacting the ‘walk home’

A young reenactor is recreating a moment in the war that always fascinated me: The defeated southern soldier’s long walk home from the battlefields. Neat idea. Here’s wishing him good roads and fair weather.

A 24-year-old Charlotte native, Brown has had an interest in Civil War history since he was a child. It’s something that came from his father, who was also a re-enactor, and from his great grandfather’s and great uncle’s service in World War II.

“I looked at this as a way to better understand their lives,” he said. “It also sounded like fun at the time.”

Brown and Berg mapped out a route that roughly followed the North Carolina Railroad, which they think many soldiers would have used as a guide home. Berg said she then contacted churches, tourism agencies and historic sites along the route, where Brown could eat and sleep.

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Civil War re-enactor continues ‘walk home’ from New Bern to Duke Homestead | News & Observer News & Observer.

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