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reenactments : The Civil War Podcast

Looking Back On The First Government Shutdown »

On the eve of the latest government shutdown ending, NPR takes a look back to the first shutdown, which also had its roots in racism. Plus ça change, America? I’m filing this blog post under “reenactments”. GONZALEZ: At the time, African-American men were allowed to vote, but they tended to vote Republican. So Democrats didn’t […]

Re-enacting the ‘walk home’ »

A young reenactor is recreating a moment in the war that always fascinated me: The defeated southern soldier’s long walk home from the battlefields. Neat idea. Here’s wishing him good roads and fair weather. A 24-year-old Charlotte native, Brown has had an interest in Civil War history since he was a child. It’s something that […]

Replica of Lincoln’s Coffin on Tour »

I’m posting this too late for it to be of use to Indiana buffs, but there are enough interesting facts to merit mentioning it anyway.  If you ever wanted to know the difference between a coffin and a casket, for instance – I’d never given it much thought before.  I’d also not given much thought to the size […]

Long Reach of Wounds »

This is an article publicizing a reenactor’s appearance, but unlike other notices of the sort, it is very fleshed-out (emphasis on flesh). The reenactment is of a Civil War doctor, and the writer makes a point of discussing the realities beyond the wound itself, such as how saving an arm could cost a relationship 20 […]

Quantrill rides again to Lawrence: This time on Twitter »

One of the many sesquicentennial events I’ve missed during this year of working too much was the Lawrence raid by Quantrill’s bushwhackers.  The infamous guerrilla chief and his band slaughtered hundreds of men and boys in the border town.  This summer, a group of “reenactors” recreated the raid in real time on Twitter. I wish […]

Beck’s Band »

Band reenactors prepare for Gettyburg.  I’d never hear the anecdote they tell here about the battle.  If it’s true, I love WS Hancock all the more for it. Civil War re-enactment band tunes up for 150th anniversary at Gettysburg — NewsWorks.

Making a Tintype »

This video is totally silent, totally modern, and has nothing to do with the Civil War, but it’s still very relevant: This is a start-to-finish, real-time demonstration of how to make a tintype photo, which along with ambrotyping were the main photographic processes during the 1860s.  Fascinating to watch, it makes you realize why there […]

Civil War Surgery Reenactment »

I’m fascinated by the wartime medical practices, though they are generally shudder-inducing.   These reenactors bring up a point I’ve never thought about from my modern, accessible viewpoint. The “amputee” in this case was only concerned with whether he would live, but medical re-enactor Trevor Steinbach said in other cases soldiers would protest that they […]

Cannoneering »

Neat video purporting to be a science experiment on determining the position of artillery on preserved battlefields, but there’s less science on display than yeehawing reenactors and buffs getting to shoot live ammunition from a Napoleon cannon. Seeing the grapeshot’s range and scatter disquieting. I am amazed anew at the bravery of the men who […]

Watch Night »

Came across this while researching yesterday’s podcast, but sadly, the writing got away from me and I had to cut the reference.  This is a really lovely callout to history – it wouldn’t fit on my podcast but I might just put it on my bucket list. A tradition began Dec. 31, 1862, as many […]