Camp Lawton Uncovered

The archaelogical remains of Camp Lawton have been uncovered, by a student who should have no problems defending his thesis.

Georgia officials say the discoveries, announced Wednesday, were made by a 36-year-old graduate student at Georgia Southern University who set out to find Camp Lawton for his thesis project in archaeology…

The Georgia Southern student, Kevin Chapman, stunned experienced pros by not only pinpointing the site, but also unearthing rare Civil War artifacts from a prison camp known as little more than a historical footnote on the path of Union Gen. William T. Sherman’s devastating 1864 march in the South from Atlanta to Savannah.

(Aside: I’m listening to my audiobook of Shelby Foote’s Narrative as I read this story, and am exactly the point where Sherman is rampaging through Georgia. How’s that for timing?)

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