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prisons : The Civil War Podcast

Life in One Union Prison Camp »

This was a three-part story, I see, though the paper doesn’t bother linking to the previous two entries. This one deals with one soldier’s “last post”; a Union prison camp. I went through a phase of research in my teens where I read widely on Southern prisons – Andersonville especially – but I can’t recall […]

“Hellmira” Reconstruction  »

More excellent restoration news: This time from a group looking to reconstruct the infamous prison camp, Elmira. After Chicago’s Camp Douglas, it was considered the worst of the Northern camps. Friends of the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp is excited to announce construction is underway on a project to recreate the Civil War Camp in Elmira New […]

Castle Thunder »

An interesting ashort article about Castle Thunder, one of several appalling prisons in the Richmond area. Made up of three old red-brick tobacco warehouses, the prison sat on Cary Street between 18th & 19th in Shockoe Bottom. A wooden fence created a small prison yard with guards lining the top of the walls. Prisoners were […]

Camp Lawton Found »

It’s amazing to think Camp Lawton – a huge complex that housed 10000 prisoners – is still being rediscovered, but this news item informs us that part of the stockade walls have just been unearthed. Lawton was an overflow camp for Andersonville, built in mid-1864 when the horror camp was bursting at the seams.  The […]

Visions of hell on Earth »

When I was a kid, I wallpapered my room in Civil War posters. This Andersonville print was among them. Neat to learn so much about the man who drew it. Hooray again for enthusiastic small town historians! When Perreault was around 9, his aunt brought him to the home of O’Dea’s daughter, Emma O’Dea, a […]

Escape Artist »

Last month I watched the Bresson classic, A Man Escaped for the umpteenth time. The true story of a French Resistance member who pulled a MacGyver-like escape from a heavily-guarded Gestapo prison. Everytime I watch it, I’m struck anew at my total lack of resourcefulness or tenacity; Should I ever be imprisoned by Nazis, I’m […]

Parole »

This article was short, but very helpful. I’m familiar with the prisoner exchanges and the idea of surrendered soldiers being “paroled”, but had never realised the “make an effort” component of it: Following centuries-old precedent, the United States and Confederate governments used parole and prisoner exchange early in the Civil War, relying on the honor […]

Prison Sketchbook »

Another artifact donation in the news, though unlike the Jim Lane portrait, this one was probably a wrench to give away. A Danville museum was just given a sketchbook belonging to a POW, which contains some excellently rendered landscape scenes and portraits of his fellow prisoners.,0,1236021.story

Prison Camp Artist »

Another one of those out-of-nowhere serendipitous museum stories that warm the cockles of my nerdy, bookish heart: For years, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History hoped to display a piece of work by Henry VanderWeyde, an artist turned Union prisoner of war who spent a year behind bars in Danville. “We had a […]

Camp Lawton Uncovered »

The archaelogical remains of Camp Lawton have been uncovered, by a student who should have no problems defending his thesis. Georgia officials say the discoveries, announced Wednesday, were made by a 36-year-old graduate student at Georgia Southern University who set out to find Camp Lawton for his thesis project in archaeology… The Georgia Southern student, […]