Civil War Washington

After posting the entry about the Whitman Archive, I received a note from Archive employee Bev Rilett.

Thanks for the kind notice of the Whitman Archive. I work there for Ken Price, who has been supporting grad students in English with this monumental project for more than 10 years. Try our bibliography search feature for any Whitman-related topic you can think of! You might also be interested in our newer related project, Civil War Washington, available here:

All this work is supported through the University of Nebraska and grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and other government funding for public education.

I’ve had a look at the Civil War Washington site, and it is absolutely worth checking out. Maps, texts, and images galore, emphasising a development that gets overshadowed by the hubbub of the war years: That those four years of struggle changed DC from a kind of rural backwater to the Nation’s-Capital-note-caps seat of power. I’m not enough of a historian to know when the “Presidential power” tradition began, but it’d be interesting mapping that trend on a chart along with this!

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