Statue Symbolism

Ever wondered what symbols were hidden in equestrian statues?  This is a helpful debunking with a killer last line.

A post on another message board states that the statue code is only true of Civil War statues found at Gettysburg. But, following a link in another post, we visited the web site of the U.S. Army Military History Institute. There, a park historian from Gettysburg National Military Park asserted, “Any relationship between the number of raised hooves on a horse-and-rider statue and the rider’s actual experience in battle is merely a coincidence…”

Our conclusion? While this statue code is oft-repeated and garners support from various sources, the stone cold truth is that the facts don’t support it.

We can’t argue, however, with one astute observer who asserts, “If the horse has all four legs off the ground, and is red in color, you are at a gas station.”

via On statues of a horse and rider, does the position of the hooves indicate the fate of the soldier?.

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