The Dummy Ironclad »

Some of my favourite Civil War stories are those involving cunning and wit, and this story about the “dummy ironclad” is one of the best. Shelby Foote tells it better, but this rendition imparts the ingenuity even if it doesn’t compare in the storytelling. Source: The Union saved an ironclad by deploying a $9 trash […]

The girl who grew Lincoln’s beard »

The story of Grace Bedell’s letter to Lincoln is famous, of course, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the contents. It’s delightful to think of Lincoln growing his iconic beard after laughing himself silly at the advice of this little spin doctor. I have got 4 brothers and part of […]

Thurber’s Grant »

A fun short piece by James Thurber from the “If It Had Happened Otherwise” series.  Well seeing Rawlins wasn’t mentioned. I doubt he would’ve stood for any of this. The morning of the ninth of April, 1865, dawned beautifully. General Meade was up with the first streaks of crimson in the sky. General Hooker and […]

He’s Baaaaack »

In my research of the Lieber Code, I stumbled across this fabulous anecdote: Napoleon Bonaparte as that possum you just can’t flush out of your barn eaves. Lieber, named Franz when he was born in Prussia at the turn of the century, knew war from an early age. The specter of Napoleon hung over his […]

War Is Hell, but Kissing is Great »

I found this absolutely delightful anecdote in John F. Marszalek’s Sherman: A Soldier’s Passion for Order – a biography which looks pretty damn great based on a quick flip through. “Some time after Grant was elected President I went to call on him at the White House. I had been struck with the number and speed […]

Most Likely to Secede »

It’s nice to take the odd day off from thoughts of war, maimings, destruction and death to poke some fun at the Civil War.  I spotted this tshirt today and felt the need to share it. Robert E. Lee: Most Likely to Secede – BustedTees.

A Case of the Slows »

  A friend posted this on Facebook, and I thought immediately of George McClellan. Unfortunately, with no updates to the blog since last week, I’ve become McClellan-ish myself. Apologies – long hours at the new job are keeping me from my reading.  I’d joke about hoping for a change in commanders, but the thought of […]

Stevens’ Wit »

I’m rehashing the Thaddeus Stevens links I shilled earlier on the blog, but fans of Lincoln’s wit will enjoy this particular article.  Lincoln wasn’t the only one in his day with a sharp tongue. When he served as a lawyer in Gettysburg, Stevens greeted an adverse judicial decision by shuffling papers and grumbling loudly. The […]

Abraham Lincoln: president … and wrestler? »

This is not a website I ever dreamed I’d be linking to, but the World Wrestling Entertainment blog has a feature on Lincoln’s wrestling history. With the accompanying photo, I couldn’t resist reposting it. “It may have been under the rules that Lincoln would have won the match,” White explained. “But what really endeared Lincoln […]

The Onion’s Presidents »

My favourite satire site, The Onion, is trolling through its nonexistent archives and presenting a series of Presidential biographies. I’ve included some of the highlights for the Civil War Presidents here. Grant, Ulysses S. b. April 27, 1822 d. July 23, 1885, famed U.S. general whose skill at killing thousands of people, destroying railroad lines, […]