Visions of hell on Earth

When I was a kid, I wallpapered my room in Civil War posters. This Andersonville print was among them. Neat to
learn so much about the man who drew it. Hooray again for enthusiastic small town historians!

When Perreault was around 9, his aunt brought him to the home of O’Dea’s daughter, Emma O’Dea, a grade school teacher who lived above a liquor store at 15 Broadway. As the young boy entered a dark hallway, he came upon an imposing 4 1/2-by-9-foot pencil sketch that Thomas O’Dea created from his memories at Camp Sumter prison in Andersonville, Ga.

He drew the large bird’s-eye, panoramic view of the camp, along with 20 surrounding vignettes depicting disease, hunger and death within the prison’s walls. The dark images left a lasting impression on Perreault. “It became a lifelong fascination,” he said.

via From Andersonville, visions of hell on Earth – Times Union.

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