Minnesota’s Battle »

There’s a battle going on at the Minnesota state capitol: Turns out some really beautiful canvasses were removed for restoration, and the discussion is now ongoing over whether to replace them with more modern and inclusive artwork. I am a little torn; I am all for modernizing and inclusive-izing the artwork, but one of the […]

Appomattox »

I’ve been busy with an art project lately, so haven’t been updating, which is bad timing given we’re into the home stretch of the sesquicentennial. I’ve taken a few minutes to put my art aside and post someone else’s: Here’s a copy of my favourite Appomattox painting, by Tom Lovell. While still not 100% authentic, […]

The Peacemakers »

It’s the 150th anniversary of the River Queen conference, which – of all the great events and happenings from 1860-1865, is the one I most wish I could witness. Sherman in all his glory reunites with his elevated friend Grant. Sherman also meets Lincoln the reelected for the first time in 4 years, after getting […]

Civil War Commemorations »

Some special events to consider, for those in the area or willing to travel to partake! In Dearborn, MI, the Henry Ford Museum is having an assassination commemoration, with Doris Kearns Goodwin speaking.  I got a laugh out of the pricing tiers, which include balcony seats and general floor admission, but no options for participants […]

Winslow Homer in Maine »

It’s too far for me to visit, but if you’re in the vicinity of Portland, ME in the next months, stop by the Portland Museum of Art.  This exhibit of Winslow Homer Civil War works promises to be spectacular.  Homer was on the front lines as a Harper’s war artist, and produced some memorable images. […]

The Civil War and American Art »

Wow. I’ll need to add New York to my to-do list for this year, as this fabulous exhibition will have left DC before I’m due to visit.  The Smithsonian has linked to a PDF catalogue of the works on display and they are almost all pieces I recognize.  A greatest hits of Civil War artwork. […]

Visions of hell on Earth »

When I was a kid, I wallpapered my room in Civil War posters. This Andersonville print was among them. Neat to learn so much about the man who drew it. Hooray again for enthusiastic small town historians! When Perreault was around 9, his aunt brought him to the home of O’Dea’s daughter, Emma O’Dea, a […]

S. P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden »

Every once in a while, my “Civil War” Google Alert tosses back a really unusual hit:  Here’s a website detailing the work of a Union Army veteran who lived in Kansas created an art house out of cement.  A hayseed Gaudí.  (I also love the “One of the Wonders of Kansas!” decal. Oh, Kansas Tourism, […]

Mardi Gras Floats »

It seems 10 years of Union occupation didn’t diminish New Orleans’ loathing of Ben Butler.  This neat Mardi Gras float design shows they’d moved on from chamber pots to other forms of effigy.  Note the eponymous Spoons! In 1873, Mardi Gras revelers from the Mistick Krewe of Comus — unversed in this newfangled evolutionary theory […]

Civil War Reenvisioned »

Here’s a novel twist on reenacting: Recreating the technological, rather than the social, aspects of the war.  I love the witty spin he puts on it by photographing reenactments. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the station wagon unless it was pointed out to me. This Civil War photograph was …wait, are those porta-potties in the […]