Battle of Nueces

This article mentions a “battle” in Texas which is new to me – one guesses that anything under 50 casualties generally gets skipped in the narratives. Interesting to learn there was a pro-Union, German contingent in Texas during the war, though. We tend to think of the German immigration as being exclusively Northern. I wonder how much their influence was felt on that “every Southern state except SC had Union regiments” statistic.

All five major Civil War battles in Texas were fought along the coast – two at Galveston, two at Sabine Pass and one near Brownsville. But little is remembered about the discord the war caused. While people in and around Boerne and Fredericksburg opposed secession, those in the New Braunfels area, where Germans had lived in Texas longer and were sympathetic to states’ rights, supported it.

via Battle of Nueces event to recall conflicted Texas during Civil War – Houston Chronicle.

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