Confederacy Museum Lecture

Lucky people in the Richmond area have a chance to attend a free lecture on Britain’s role in the Civil War (and, presumably, the war’s effect on Britain, which is just as fascinating from what I’ve read.)

One hundred fifty years ago this September, the British cabinet considered intervention in the American Civil War. Economically dependent on Southern Cotton and impressed by Confederate military success, but revolted by Southern slavery, Britain’s leaders and people were torn in their loyalties. The course that Britain followed might well determine the outcome of the war in America.

Hear Dr. Amanda Foreman’s lecture September 27th, as she delves into the important role that Britain played during the American Civil War, the topic of her book, A World on Fire. Co-Sponsored by the University of Richmond’s Department of History, the lecture will be held in UR’s Ukrops Auditorium, Robins School of Business 7:30 – 9 p.m.

Confederacy museums Sept. 27 lecture covers Britains Civil War role.

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