Civil War-Era Musical in SF »

Readers in the San Francisco Bay area should note there’s a new stage show currently playing at the Berkeley Rep Theatre. It’s profiled in the NYTimes, though the focus is on the fact that its producer is Garth Drabinsky – a name we Canadians know and note less for his lavish productions than for the […]

Marszalek in NYC »

Are any of my readers from the Big Apple? If so, I wish to live vicariously through you this week, when John Marszalek is visiting and presenting at two separate events. Marszalek is the author of the wonderful Sherman biography, as well as books on Halleck, Grant and Lincoln. I’ve heard him speak at iTunes […]

Tony Kushner and Sarah Vowell »

Kudos to Andrea Simakis for providing this very extensive recounting of a recent talk by two unusual Lincoln biographers: The Lincoln screenwriter Tony Kushner, and the hipster historian Sarah Vowell, author of the hilarious and weird, Assassination Vacation. I’m hoping to find some video from this event, but if that fails at least I have […]

The Color Line »

Back from another hiatus with an event suggestion. This exhibit combines my twin passions: Civil War history and being in Paris.  Turns out, the very modern and engaging ethnology museum is moving away from the phallus-heavy exhibits it usually presents, and hosting a cultural appreciation of African-American culture in the post war era. The show covers 100+ […]

Immigration exhibition »

Here’s a Lincoln law I’d not heard of before – the Act to Encourage Immigration.  In this day and age of war, open borders, and refugees, there’s a timely exhibition being mounted by the Soldier’s Home. Abraham Lincoln signed the Act to Encourage Immigration into law on July 4, 1864. The act was the first — […]

Civil War 150th Anniversary Parade in Washington DC »

I’m assuaging myself with the fact that I’ll be in Paris on May 17th, but I can’t pretend seeing this one-time-only, sesquicentennial Grand Review Parade wouldn’t have competed with Paris for my affections.  If you’re within a day’s drive of Washington, please go!  And take lots of pictures for me! Civil War 150th Anniversary Parade in […]

Civil War Commemorations »

Some special events to consider, for those in the area or willing to travel to partake! In Dearborn, MI, the Henry Ford Museum is having an assassination commemoration, with Doris Kearns Goodwin speaking.  I got a laugh out of the pricing tiers, which include balcony seats and general floor admission, but no options for participants […]

‘The Widow Lincoln’ at Ford’s Theatre »

How is Ford’s Theatre marking the sesquicentennial of Lincoln’s assassination?  It’s staging a play about Mary Lincoln.  Hope the Secret Service are keeping the Obamas far, far away from this one. The moment is just one of many pathos-crammed sequences in “The Widow Lincoln,” the doleful historical monument of a play at Ford’s Theatre. Written by […]

Commemorative Events »

Readers in or near Caroline County, Virginia (or buffs who might want to make a trip out of it) should note this nifty little program, which features receptions, talks, bus tours, and even a dinner with an author, all on the subject of John Wilkes Booth’s flight, capture and death in Virginia. Caroline County is getting […]

‘Whipping Man’ »

I caught a mention of the play, The Whipping Man, which opens in Costa Mesa, California January 25th.  By this review, it’s a must-see, and it is centered upon a facet of the war I had never considered before: Jewish Southerners who raised their slaves as Jews.  I’m researching more on the topic for subsequent […]