To Appomattox – Our Cast

There’s a Civil War mini series coming in 2015.  Given how amateurish the website is, my expectations are pretty low, but the cast list makes me think it’ll be fantastically acted, at the very least!  There are a lot of Band of Brothers vets here, including the swoonworthy ginger Damian Lewis playing swoonworthy ginger Tecumseh Sherman.  And Neal McDonough’s the perfect choice for casting Joe Hooker’s ice blue eyes.

Band of Brothers, for those who haven’t seen it, tells the tale of the 101st Airborne in WWII.  It is the best historical TV I’ve ever seen, and the cast (then all unknowns, now huge names) was absolutely stellar.  If you feel like straying from the Civil War path for entertainment, this warrants repeated viewings.

To Appomattox – Our Cast.

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