Why We Need a New Civil War Documentary »

This article by Smithsonian mag reached me at a very opportune time. I am a huge fan of Ken Burns’ documentary series, and had it running in the background for the umpteenth time last weekend as I worked. For some reason, after dozens of viewings, this was the first time that I really noticed the […]

David Blight on Frederick Douglass »

David Blight’s voice has become very familiar to me – I listened to his entire Yale iTunes U course on the Civil War, and have sought out his podcast appearances since then. This is the first time I’ve seen him speak, and this brief clip from a 2009 interview beautifully summarises Douglass’ life. By all […]

Strange Blighted Land »

Gregory Coco, author of A Strange and Blighted Land, speaks on this C-Span archive video about the aftermath of the battle of Gettysburg. The book is not an easy read – it’s along the lines of Mary Roach’s Stiff – deeply disturbing if you’re a sensitive person, but fascinating if you’re at all intrigued by […]

Virtual Reality Civil War Experience  »

I cut my cable over 10 years ago, so I won’t be able to hunt this show down, but it does sound like a neat watch for those of you with access to the Discovery Channel’s spinoff network. The Discovery-owned American Heroes Channel is bringing the Civil War from 2D to 360 degrees with a […]

Was the Civil War About Slavery? »

A uniformed man from a right wing organisation asking if the war was about slavery: I admit, I assumed this would be yet another Lost Cause argument about “states’ rights” and “protective tariffs”. The more I read of the Lost Cause the more revolted I am with the arguments of those who intentionally or mealy-mouthedly […]

Slavery by Another Name »

A few updates while I have Internet access! While coming well into the post-war era, this documentary (based on the book by Douglas Blackman) shows how poor people – mainly blacks – in the South were reenslaved by means of sneaky laws and sneakier lawmakers. Heartbreaking, but an important piece of history. Watch The Film […]

Free State of Jones »

Now here is some Civil War movie news that gets me excited!  An interesting story, a top notch actor, and a writer-director whose movies are both deftly written and deeply beautiful.  This will be a must-see for me. Matthew McConaughey and writer-director Gary Ross are pegged to team up on ‘Free State Of Jones,’ which is looking […]

The Atlantic slave trade »

A 5 minute TED Talk that looks at the Atlantic slave trade from the African side of things.  Interesting both in why it developed and its lasting consequences. The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard | TED-Ed.

PBS planning Civil War drama »

I guess the sesquicentennial took a few years to register in the minds of TV and movie producers, but they’re throwing their lot in now.  In addition to the less-than-promising shows mentioned last week, this is a PBS production backed by some Hollywood clout.  I’ll post more news as I see it; this has some […]

‘Point of Honor’ »

It seems there’s another new Civil War show in production, but it also seems like this new show is not worth watching.  Given this dismal review and the hilariously awful stills provided, I’m going the Kentucky route of declaring myself neutral with the intent of sitting it out. There’s a moment about five minutes into […]