South Carolina History

This little piece on the resurrected Hunley caught my eye for two very different reasons. The first was this:

The reason the Hunley sank is still a mystery. Eight sailors were aboard and their bodies discovered still at their stations 136 years after their final mission. McConnell is one of a select few who’ve sat inside the Hunley.

“It’s like having your head in Darth Vader’s mask,” he said. “You can hear your breathing and the echoing of everything around your head.”

I’m amazed that the preservationists would allow anyone – even a history-loving State Senator – to climb in. The shell is so fragile and rusted, you’d think it would be too risky.

The other was the lede:

As South Carolina Republicans were making history at their primary Saturday…

South Carolina: Still proudly “making history” through questionable electoral decisions!

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