It’s Heeeeere!

I’m in under the wire of my deadline, but I can proudly say I’ve checked a resolution off my list already: The first ever Civil War Podcast is ready to go! (Take that, 2013!)

To marvel at my lucid writing and dulcet tones (I know, I know – I am an admitted amateur!) click the Podcast tab in the menu bar, then the January link. Clicking on the “0101 the emancipation proclamation 1” link on the January page will download a copy of the audio file to your hard drive.*

The topic is, as you can no doubt guess, the Emancipation Proclamation, which was signed on this day in 1863. Much like Lincoln, I was slow to get moving on the topic, but as I’m sure Salmon Chase would say of me, “so you see, the woman moves.

Sadly, I decided to scale back my podcasty undertaking from a daily podcast to a weekly one (frankly, it takes a lot longer to research, write and record a 6 minute podcast than you’d think) but I hope you enjoy the presentation, which includes a piano intro/outro of “We Are Coming Through the Cotton Fields”, performed by my good friend, Tom Nagy. Hopefully his lovely playing will offset my monotone.

*I need to find a solution for embedding the link without incurring hosting surcharges. Podcasting is not a cheap hobby!

3 thoughts on “It’s Heeeeere!

  1. Hi. Congratulations on getting out the first episode of your podcast! My wife & I do two history podcasts, one on the Civil War, and it’s great to see you are up & running. It’s exciting to see someone else is also so enthusiastic about helping people learn about the Civil War.

    (By the way, if you’re looking for a dependable, cheap server on which to keep your episodes, you might want to check out libsyn. We use them for both our shows & have never had a problem.)

    Take care,

    Rich Youngdahl

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, Rich. Where can I find your podcasts? I’d love to hear them!

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