Podcast #13 – “Jus in Bello”

A tough slog at work has caused me to miss a few podcasts. With the daunting prospect of two due this week (I was hoping to post extras as the sesquicentennial anniversaries arrive) I thought I’d make a special effort to get today’s done: It’s the 150th anniversary of the Lieber Code, progenitor of the Geneva Convention!

The podcast can be downloaded here.

Podcast #10 – “To Riot or to Rot”

What should have been yesterday’s podcast is going up in the wee hours of today.  Technically this fits, as the Stalybridge riot was at its peak on the 20th of March, but I chose the initiation date of March 19th for the podcast commemoration.

This week, I’m discussing the Cotton Famine and its impact on British politics.  As the descendant of working-class Brits, I found this Civil War connection particularly interesting.

You can download the podcast here.

Podcast #6 – Rise With the Occasion

Whew. That was a struggle. First in that condensing info to create a Lincoln podcast is more difficult than researching a long podcast. Second in that my computer decided to erase said podcast instead of converting it to MP3.  There’s nothing better, when you’re already overdue on the project and up past your bedtime, than to have to start over!  That said, it’s Lincoln’s birthday, and there’s a man who both started over many times and didn’t complain about it.  I’ll be doing many more Lincoln-themed podcasts, so with this instalment I tried to examine his early life and how he developed his political and moral philosophies.

To listen to this week’s podcast, visit the February page and click the link to download.

How did you celebrate Abe’s 204th?

Civil War Podcast #5 – The Fiery Gospel

I’m in over the wire this week, but hey – it’s still February 5th somewhere, so I’m counting it anyway!

This week, I celebrate the anniversary of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, published this day (or yesterday, if you want to get technical) in 1862.

You can download the podcast by visiting the February page and clicking on the MP3 link.