Black Canadians fought in the American Civil War »

Brief article (though supporting a much more indepth book) by a Canadian professor on the black Canadians who fought for the Union cause.  I’d been reading earlier this week about escaped slaves in Canada signing up for militia units to protect their new homes. This is an interesting counterpiece. The black recruits who joined did […]

Unfriendly Fires »

Like Wisconsin, Indiana was a Union-heavy state that contributed much in the way of men to the cause. They didn’t contribute many colored troops, though, because according to this article Indiana was quite hostile to blacks.  There is even the rumor of native black troops being poisoned. The young Townsend, from Putnam County, bought a […]


This article isn’t particularly well written, but it did answer a question I had upon first reading it: Black troops got no bounty rewards, so I suppose there were no black substitutes. Before the war would end, 180,000 blacks would take up guns and battle for their freedom. But, while recruitment was easy at first, […]

It’s Heeeeere! »

I’m in under the wire of my deadline, but I can proudly say I’ve checked a resolution off my list already: The first ever Civil War Podcast is ready to go! (Take that, 2013!) To marvel at my lucid writing and dulcet tones (I know, I know – I am an admitted amateur!) click the […]

Shadows of History Exhibit »

Civil War buffs in Washington, DC have another month and a half to partake in the Corcoran Gallery’s Shadows of History exhibition. The photographs capture a wide range of subjects, from geographical views, landscapes, and portraits of soldiers and officers at rest, to the death and destruction in the aftermath of battles. Photographs by George […]

A True Story »

I’m filing this under “memoirs”, regardless of the fact that it’s a Twain piece. Despite the huge coincidence at the crux of it, huge coincidences weren’t unusual in the war, and anyways it certainly feels real. You almost feel as though you’re sitting on the porch with Aunt Rachael as she tells it. “Aunt Rachel, […]

Pre-Glory Glory »

I’m catching up on Disunion articles I missed, and this one was very interesting. Everyone knows about the Colored Troops’ admission to the Union Army, but it never occurred to me that blacks were fighting before that, or that the Navy was totally desegregated. Still, some black men managed to join the Northern forces. In […]

The Civil War’s Race Legacy »

Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses the reckoning of Civil War history as a black man schooled in the non-violence techniques of the Civil Rights era. On a more specific level, the Civil War presents something of an ideological challenge. Old school nationalists may well identify with black men literally fighting for their freedom–but the fact that those soldiers were […]

Black Troops in the Confederacy »

NPR unearthed an interesting story on a very rare, newly-inducted United Daughter of the Confederacy. Mattie Clyburn Rice, 88, spent years searching through archives to prove her father was a black Confederate. As she leafs through a notebook filled with official-looking papers, Rice stops to read a faded photocopy with details of her father’s military […]