2013 Civil War Trust Photo Contest Winners

While linking to the Civil War Trust the other day, I noticed a link to their 2013 Photo Contest. Wowzers, there are some amazing shots here.  My personal favorite is the Meade statue by moonlight, which eerily recaptures Meade’s arrival on the scene of the Gettysburg battlefield after the first day. (The description thereof is my favorite paragraph from the Shelby Foote Narratives.)  There’s also a category of Preservation Threats, which heartbreakingly highlight the urban sprawl laying siege to some of the national battlefields.

There’s a special promotion on the site that will net you a calendar featuring these images for any donation above $18.63.  I encourage you all again to donate to the charity if you can.  They’re doing great work on behalf of all us history buffs.

2013 Civil War Trust Photo Contest Winners.

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