Ironclad’s Iron Clang

There was a neat find near Savannah this month:

Archeologists working for the Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, aided by divers and salvage operations teams from the Navy, retrieved a 64-square-foot section of a Civil War ironclad warship from the bottom of the Savannah River, the evening of Nov. 12. 

The divers worked in strong currents with near-zero visibility during a week to assess the possibility of lifting a small piece of the Confederate ship’s casemate for archeological testing. 

A crane lifted it onto a barge anchored near historic Old Fort Jackson on the eastern edge of Savannah.  Experts estimate the piece weighs more than 5,000 pounds.

FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS. For a “SMALL PIECE… of the casement.” This helps put the ironclads into some more perspective, though clearly I need a lot more to fully grasp how heavy these behemoths were.

via Savannah River gives up relic | Kings Bay Periscope.

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