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photography : The Civil War Podcast

Veteran talking to bootblacks »

Found this photo and really loved it. The Civil War veteran above wears the cap of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)—the largest Union veterans’ organization—founded in 1866. The number on his cap signals that his post was 139, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This prize-winning amateur photograph from the 1935 Newspaper National Snapshot Awards […]

Laird Hunt on a photo found at Gettysburg »

The Irish newspapers have had a few Civil War articles lately. This one is almost a tone poem; a meditation on photographs and the power they held for the soldiers who carried them. When the guns at Gettysburg had stopped booming and the dust had settled, a photograph was plucked from the dirt. It had […]

“Godfor, a Gettysburg battlefield vulture” »

Somebody posted this image to Reddit last week, and as usual the userbase filled in some of the questions it inspired about Civil War deaths and mores. There are some well-read historians lurking on there amongst the jokers and the wags – this is a thread word reading. durutticolumn comments on Godfor, a Gettysburg battlefield […]

Civil War Medical Implements »

NB: This is another post that might not be of interest to the squeamish.  Sorry – bit of a trend this week, apparently! I usually avoid the Daily Mail, but this “article” was too good to pass up.  Please ignore all the Kardashian-heavy gossip stories on the right and check out this fascinating collection of […]

Hay and Nico, Together at Last »

I’m working on a special project for 2014, and went looking for a photo of John Hay and John Nicolay – Lincoln’s secretaries.  There’s one famous photo of them with Lincoln between them, but shockingly, given their half-century friendship, there are none of the BFFs together.  However, one eagle-eyed websurfer has found them together, amongst […]

2013 Civil War Trust Photo Contest Winners »

While linking to the Civil War Trust the other day, I noticed a link to their 2013 Photo Contest. Wowzers, there are some amazing shots here.  My personal favorite is the Meade statue by moonlight, which eerily recaptures Meade’s arrival on the scene of the Gettysburg battlefield after the first day. (The description thereof is […]

Whose Father Was He? »

Today is the sesquicentennial of a Civil War event that always fascinated me: It was on this day in 1863 that the Philadelphia Inquirer published a story titled “Whose Father Was He?”, describing in detail the ambrotype found clutched in a dead soldier’s hand on the Gettysburg battlefield. After the battle an unidentified dead soldier […]

Transport of Jefferson Davis – Photo »

I’ve been spending some time on Reddit lately, which is a dangerous place, as there are “subreddits” on every conceivable topic. (Sadly the Civil War one is not as popular as, say, Eyebombing.)  There is an image forum which invariably draws me in – “History Porn“. Despite the raunchy name it’s a totally safe-for-work collection of […]

Civil War-Era American Landscapes »

While this site curates its photo choices badly, and even has the ignorance to credit them all to Brady (who was neither in the West nor in the field after Bull Run), I’m thankful that they made the effort to post.  I tend to skip over the landscape-heavy period photos in my quest for interesting […]

The Scourged Back »

Disunion presents a piece on Civil War photographers, but introduces it with the background of that most famous of slave pictures, “The Scourged Back”.  I’d never heard it before, and assumed that the photo was from earlier than it was actually taken. The image made its way back to New England, where it was converted […]