Battlefield Expansion

Good, if premature, news about preservation efforts in Virginia: The state’s two senators have proposed legislation that would make expand the Petersburg National Battlefield, making it the largest in the nation.

Note, though, that this proposal only allows the NPS to acquire it – there’s no money attached to the motion.  That’s where an organization like the Civil War Trust comes in; the charity raises money to purchase at-risk battlefield acreage.

To facilitate donations from my readers, I’ve added a sidebar link to the Trust. With both the holidays and the tax year end upcoming, why not make a donation for yourself or on behalf of a loved one?  Get them a Crater for Christmas!

Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine announced the proposal Wednesday. It would authorize the National Park Service to acquire more than 7,000 acres of land that is in danger of being lost to development. The land was the site of 18 major Civil War battles. It has been identified by the Civil War Trust as one of the most endangered groups of historic battlefields in the country.

via Va. senators propose battlefield expansion – SFGate.

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