‘Point of Honor’

It seems there’s another new Civil War show in production, but it also seems like this new show is not worth watching.  Given this dismal review and the hilariously awful stills provided, I’m going the Kentucky route of declaring myself neutral with the intent of sitting it out.

There’s a moment about five minutes into Point of Honor that illustrates what precious little thought the producers actually put into this show. An aging plantation owner in 1861 Lynchberg, Virginia tells his fussy daughter Lorelai that she reminds him most of her dead mother. He then brazenly tells a pianist to get up by gruffly barking, “Move boy!” so he can park Lorelai down at the keys. He asks her to play a song that her mother used to play. The song is Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”

Now, I get why that might seem innocuous. It’s a famous piano solo that’s so well-known that it appears in Twilight. However, while many antebellum plantation owners were fond of French culture, none of them — as far as I know — were time travelers. Debussy started work on “Clair de Lune” in 1890 and he didn’t publish it until 1902. The song takes its title from a Paul Verlaine poem that was written in 1869. So, you’ll understand why I was so jarred by this musical selection. It’s the same as if Peggy Olsen turned on the radio on Mad Men, and Daft Punk started playing. Sure, not everyone in Point of Honor‘s audience is going to be a history snob, but everyone has google.

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