“Uncivil War” »

Another medical article, this one a review of the Mutter Museum’s Civil War exhibit.  For those with strong stomachs, it looks like a fascinating visit. The new exhibition focuses in part on Philadelphia’s role in the Civil War. It was not a battleground, but about 157,000 injured soldiers were transported here by train or steamboat […]

New Civil War Center in Richmond »

I missed Richmond on my whirlwind trip to DC, but it looks like my frown might be turned upside down: A new museum is born!  Huzzah! In a joint announcement, the museums said the new historic attraction in the former capital of the Confederacy has yet to be named, but $20 million has been committed […]

Lincoln at the National Museum of American History »

A website mentioned this exhibit at the Smithsonian, with an exhortation “don’t miss it!”  The official website doesn’t mention an end date, though, and I can’t tell if it’s a virtual exhibit or if the Lincolniana is assembled in one place.  Regardless, the Smithsonian’s always worth a trip, and it would be a treat to […]

Winslow Homer in Maine »

It’s too far for me to visit, but if you’re in the vicinity of Portland, ME in the next months, stop by the Portland Museum of Art.  This exhibit of Winslow Homer Civil War works promises to be spectacular.  Homer was on the front lines as a Harper’s war artist, and produced some memorable images. […]

The Civil War and American Art »

Wow. I’ll need to add New York to my to-do list for this year, as this fabulous exhibition will have left DC before I’m due to visit.  The Smithsonian has linked to a PDF catalogue of the works on display and they are almost all pieces I recognize.  A greatest hits of Civil War artwork. […]

Then, Thenceforth and Forever Acid Free »

I’m proclaiming this week Emancipation Proclamation week here at the CWP.  It’s just too big an anniversary for all the mainstream news outlets to ignore, and they’re proffering some fantastic articles I want to share. The video here lets you see what the Proclamation actually looks like. As the article says, it’s wonderfully, revealingly banal. […]

Watch Night »

Came across this while researching yesterday’s podcast, but sadly, the writing got away from me and I had to cut the reference.  This is a really lovely callout to history – it wouldn’t fit on my podcast but I might just put it on my bucket list. A tradition began Dec. 31, 1862, as many […]

Library of Congress “Top Treasures” »

I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the Library of Congress’ Top Treasures website, with dozens of historical documents and plenty of good reading, and also a great deal of Civil War related documents. Top Treasures Gallery: American Treasures of the Library of Congress.

A Strange and Fearful Interest »

If you live in the LA area, and are reading this, you have until January 14th to get yourself to the Huntington.  There’s an exhibition of Civil War photos that sounds excellent. The Strange and Fearful Interest exhibition at The Huntington isn’t just a collection of portraits, it’s a photographic journey through the Civil War, […]

Surgery’s Cutting Edge »

A new Civil War Medicine museum is opening in Frederick, MD. Given the description in this article, it sounds well worth a visit. In the beginning of the war, wounded soldiers languished for days before they were retrieved. Sometimes their friends would stop fighting and carry them to the rear, knowing no one else would, […]