Ben Butler Play »

Milwaukee residents, take note! There’s a play running through April 28th about the wily Benjamin F Butler, Union general and all-around rapscallion. What if General Butler was a bundle of contradictions: a military commander with no real experience, a brash and bellowing man who was also plagued with self-doubt and a lack of confidence? What […]

Civil War-Era Musical in SF »

Readers in the San Francisco Bay area should note there’s a new stage show currently playing at the Berkeley Rep Theatre. It’s profiled in the NYTimes, though the focus is on the fact that its producer is Garth Drabinsky – a name we Canadians know and note less for his lavish productions than for the […]

‘The Widow Lincoln’ at Ford’s Theatre »

How is Ford’s Theatre marking the sesquicentennial of Lincoln’s assassination?  It’s staging a play about Mary Lincoln.  Hope the Secret Service are keeping the Obamas far, far away from this one. The moment is just one of many pathos-crammed sequences in “The Widow Lincoln,” the doleful historical monument of a play at Ford’s Theatre. Written by […]

‘Whipping Man’ »

I caught a mention of the play, The Whipping Man, which opens in Costa Mesa, California January 25th.  By this review, it’s a must-see, and it is centered upon a facet of the war I had never considered before: Jewish Southerners who raised their slaves as Jews.  I’m researching more on the topic for subsequent […]

Our American Cousin Revisited »

A Slate writer reads through Our American Cousin so we don’t have to. (For that we should be grateful – it sounds pretty dire.) It’s the hoariest sick joke in America: “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?” By now it isn’t even a joke; it’s become a familiar way to […]

“John Brown’s Body” – Live! »

I’m too late to shill this local theatre production, which is a shame, but it looks as though there are other dates for Wyomingites to attend.  It’s a live reading of Stephen Vincent Benet’s epic poem, with choral accompaniment. An unusual spectacle but an interesting one. “John Brown’s Body” was originally produced for the stage […]

Lincoln’s Waterways »

I’m trying and failing to turn a pithy river course/course of his life phrase, here. Maybe this blog has a future as a kind of New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest? I wish I’d been in the audience for this presentation on Lincoln’s relationship with rivers. I’m a sucker for unusual essay themes and anecdotes of […]

Necessary Sacrifices »

A play about Lincoln is currently playing at Ford’s Theater, and it sounds pretty good. I was supposed to visit a friend in DC last weekend, and I’m kind of kicking myself now at missing this. If you’re in the area, it might be worth checking out! (I’m ashamed to say my first thought on […]

The Play’s the Thing »

The Booth boys are back onstage, though not as actors – they’re characters in their own story this time! Those in the New York area can catch An Error of the Moon at Williamsburg’s Beckett Theater through October 10th.