Veteran Reserve Corps »

At our Civil War Round Table last night, we had an excellent presentation about medicine, and the question arose of what happened to troops who were wounded, and what happened to them.  In the North, the “Invalid Corps” gave duties to the lightly injured, and did so with dash – they had their own special […]

Long Reach of Wounds »

This is an article publicizing a reenactor’s appearance, but unlike other notices of the sort, it is very fleshed-out (emphasis on flesh). The reenactment is of a Civil War doctor, and the writer makes a point of discussing the realities beyond the wound itself, such as how saving an arm could cost a relationship 20 […]

A Broken Regiment »

The Smithsonian article I posted previously mentioned a new book that sounds fascinating: A Broken Regiment: The 16th Connecticut’s Civil War.  The author has researched one badly mauled regiment to gauge how its veterans did after the war. Predictably, they didn’t do too well. At war’s end, the emotional toll on returning soldiers was often compounded by physical […]

Civil War PTSD »

The Smithsonian Magazine investigates post-traumatic stress disorder amongst Civil War vets.  The condition was not understood then, and as the article states, “had a long reach”; effects were felt on individuals, families and communities long after the firing ceased. “We’ve tended to see soldiers in the 1860s as stoic and heroic—monuments to duty, honor and […]

Civil War Rx »

The Mutter Museum’s website suggested this blog as the go-to source for all Civil War medicine facts.  It does look full to the brim with interesting articles. Civil War Rx .

“Uncivil War” »

Another medical article, this one a review of the Mutter Museum’s Civil War exhibit.  For those with strong stomachs, it looks like a fascinating visit. The new exhibition focuses in part on Philadelphia’s role in the Civil War. It was not a battleground, but about 157,000 injured soldiers were transported here by train or steamboat […]

Civil War Medical Implements »

NB: This is another post that might not be of interest to the squeamish.  Sorry – bit of a trend this week, apparently! I usually avoid the Daily Mail, but this “article” was too good to pass up.  Please ignore all the Kardashian-heavy gossip stories on the right and check out this fascinating collection of […]

Waterloo Teeth »

Here’s a story to chill the blood.  If you’re squeamish, look away! There was an offhand mention in a Reddit conversation about teeth that sent me scouring the web for an article that Smithsonian magazine no longer has archived.  The gist of it is in this macabre webpage: By this time, the first porcelain teeth […]

Podcast #14 – “Soothing the Gallant Soldiers” »

Life has conspired to keep me away from my blog and my podcasts.  I wanted to make an effort for this week’s, though, as I find the Sanitary Commission a fascinating topic in the Civil War. The podcast can be downloaded here.

Civil War Surgery Reenactment »

I’m fascinated by the wartime medical practices, though they are generally shudder-inducing.   These reenactors bring up a point I’ve never thought about from my modern, accessible viewpoint. The “amputee” in this case was only concerned with whether he would live, but medical re-enactor Trevor Steinbach said in other cases soldiers would protest that they […]