Our Native Daughters »

I noticed this story on the Smithsonian page today, and clicked kind of idly. A few seconds into the first linked video, I was hooked. Rhiannon Giddens and some of her fellow black women banjo players have created a moving and haunting CD of music inspired by and based on slave tunes.  It really is […]

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down »

I’m sensing a theme to this week’s discoveries! While reading about General George Stoneman, I spotted this: While commanding cavalry under Sherman in Georgia, Stoneman was captured, but soon exchanged. In the last weeks of the war, he led raids into Virginia that inspired the song The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by The […]

▶ The Kennesaw Line »

I was reading Sam Watkins’ Wikipedia entry when I noticed this neat little mention: The song “Kennesaw Line” by Don Oja-Dunaway, tells a heart-breaking vignette of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain on the morning of June 27, from the perspective of Sam Watkins,[3] with part of the lyrics directly paraphrasing his description from the book […]

Gettysburg the Metal Opera »

Here’s something I would never have expected to blog about: A heavy metal rock opera about the battle of Gettysburg.  The Iced Earth lyricist does a pretty good job of summarizing each day of the fight – Buford’s defense and Reynolds’ death, Longstreet’s doubts, the struggle for Little Round Top, Hancock and Armistead’s friendship. The […]

Country Civil War Songs »

My country music holdings are pretty limited, but I may have to add this CD set to my collection – that’s quite the lineup.  The image below leads to the Amazon page, where you can listen to samples from each track on the disc. Hollywood music supervisor Randall Poster put together Divided & United: The […]

Beck’s Band »

Band reenactors prepare for Gettyburg.  I’d never hear the anecdote they tell here about the battle.  If it’s true, I love WS Hancock all the more for it. Civil War re-enactment band tunes up for 150th anniversary at Gettysburg — NewsWorks.

The Contents of Lincoln’s Pockets »

Here’s an unorthodox find for you: An emo song. One of the commenters on The AV Club’s Lincoln review made mention of it, and it intrigued me.  The song isn’t really up my alley, but it’s always interesting to stumble on artistic interpretations of the war’s events. The Contents of Lincolns Pockets – Rainer Maria […]

Coplands Lincoln Portrait »

NPR has posted a little article about Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait. Even better, they have also posted the full performance of Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait. I’m not sure this is a classic work to my eyes – it’s a bit Hall of Presidents, but then, the Hall of Presidents might have stolen its idea from here. Lincoln […]

Visualizing Emancipation »

The University of Richmond has posted an interactive, online map that charts the activity of the Union army and (sometimes unrelated) slavery/emancipation events across the states from ’61 to ’65.  It’s interesting to note how the red dots (emancipations) generally precede the blue dots (army investments), and to observe the profusion of red and blue […]

John Hartford’s Shiloh »

150 years ago today, the war changed irrevocably. Seeing the elephant was a kind of Scared Straight for the Western armies and the nation in general. No more would the boys pretend at playing soldiers, and gone were the thoughts of a swift end to the conflict. I thought it fitting to commemorate the anniversary […]